How to Create an Argument Map

Argument maps are a visual representation of the inferences in your thinking. We can use them to help analyse and evaluate our reasoning.

Arguments are made up of beliefs called propositions:

  1. Create a proposition by double clicking the blank map.
  2. Double click the proposition.
  3. State the belief in such a way that it can be either true or false.

A set of propositions becomes an argument only when they are connected to each other:

  1. Drag one proposition onto another to show the first supports (or is a reason for believing) the other.

At any stage you can edit or delete a propositoin or inference:

  1. Double click an element to change the text content.
  2. Single click an element to select it.
  3. Press delete or backspace to remove a selected element.

To show that some propositions work together to support some other proposition as conjoined reasons:

  1. Create two supporting reasons so that they support a third proposition.
  2. Drag the first supporting reason onto the second supporting reason.

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