Critical Thinking with Argument Maps

By Dave Kinkead, University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project.

Welcome to our course on Critical Thinking with Argument Maps. This is a very short introduction to some basic concepts that you’ll need to get started.

In 8 quick lessons, we’ll show you how to use the platform and how you can use argument maps to help you think more critically.

We don’t assume any prior knowledge about critical thinking or argument mapping, but we do assumen you want to learn more.

So let’s go!

Lesson 1 - Why map?

Lesson 2 - Beliefs & opinions

Lesson 3 - You’re not entitled to your opinion

Lesson 4 - Nothing but the truth

Lesson 5 - Inferring

Lesson 6 - Independent and Co-dependent Premises

Lesson 7 - Hidden assumptions

Lesson 8 - Argument mapping checklist

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